Birdwatching in Senegal

Areas for Birdwatching in Senegal

Although these areas are located in Senegal we regularly travel here on guided birdwatching trips. In addition to the excellent bird watching opportunities there is an array of other fascinating African wildlife to be seen.


Monkey in Senegal's JungleNiokolo Koba National Park

This National Park provides an opportunity to see large mammals as well as being a very important area for birds. Located in SE Senegal it covers an area almost the same size as that of the Gambia. Habitats include gallery forests, savannah grass flood plains, ponds, dry forests rocky slopes and hills. Around 30 species of mammals are found here such as the Derby Eland (the largest African Antelope), chimpanzees, lions, leopards, and African Elephants. All three species of crocodile are found along the rivers, as are some hippo. The bird list is huge with some highlights being Green-headed Sunbird, Saddle-billed Stork, Magpie Manikin and Shining Blue Kingfisher.


Djoudj National Park

This amazing area located in Senegal, is the third most important wetland in the world and is designated a World Heritage site and a RAMSAR Convention site. It is estimated that around 3 million birds pass through this area during migration. Huge colonies of White Pelicans and Flamingos can be seen and the air and waterways are alive with countless water birds large and small. It is a spectacle no one who has seen could forget and yet is so huge in scale it is difficult to describe…….you have to see it for yourself!


Parc National Du Delta Du Saloum

North of the Gambia River, this park is located in Senegal and is another RAMSAR Convention site and a World Heritage site. It is adjacent to Niumi National Park which is in The Gambia and they share many varied habitats and wildlife. The River Saloum runs through the Parc National and the expected tidal bolons, mud flats mangrove forests and lagoons provide feeding grounds for a huge variety of water birds plus the areas of Sudan savannah woodland and forests further increase the diversity of bird life.

Birdwatching in Senegal and Gambia

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