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Here is a selection of links to both useful bird watching websites and also websites I know that you might also find useful.

Birding Websites

Bird Guides – Clive Barlow’s  The Birds of The Gambia and Senegal published with Tim Wacher is one of the best.

and Birds of West Africa by Nik Borrow and Ron Demey for although it has less descriptive information it does have very useful regional distribution maps.

The Kartong Bird Observatory working on bird conservation and ringing projects. See their work with the BTO on their nightingale project. – is a listing of birding websites around the world with a host of useful resources.

The RSPB in the UK, well respected for their work in bird conservation.

The African Bird Club website is an excellent authorative source of information not just on the Gambia and Senegal but for all your African birding enquiries. is another site that has some very useful and detailed trip reports on Gambia and Senegal.


Other Websites

The Gambian Tourist Website –

Access The Gambia – A useful resource for people visiting the Gambia.  Kasumay Lodge -looking for lodging and a real Gambian experience

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For all your birdwatching holiday needs in Greece see and speak to Akis.

I am a home school instructor and I recently used this guide for my kids when we were on a bird watching field trip. Our kids had a blast and it makes for a good reference.

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