Bird Watching Gambia Tours & Prices

Bird Watching in Gambia Tours & Costs

Coastal Bird Watching Tours & Excursions

Ousman's Pick Up for Bird Guiding Transport in GambiaAll bird watching tour prices will include transport, entrance to protected areas and Ousman’s services. You will be picked up at your hotel at an arranged time and returned to your hotel at the end of the birdwatching tour. It is recommended that you arrange for a packed lunch from your hotel which most hotels will provide at a very reasonable cost.

There is a wide variety of sites to visit within easy reach of the Gambian coast :

  • A half day’s bird watching tour to these sites is £50 per couple, more than 2 persons £20 per person.
  • A full day’s bird watching tour £100 per couple, more than 2 persons £40 per person
  • Longer Gambia Bird Watching Trips Inland & Up River

    Bird watching on the River Gambia

    All bird watching tour prices will include transport, entrance to protected areas, ferry crossings, boat rides and Ousman’s services and are quoted inclusive of accommodation and meals. You need to be aware that the lodgings inland will be more basic than that to be found in coastal hotels in Gambia.

    Most keen bird watchers may wish to travel inland in order to see some of the less common birds to be found in Gambia. What you might want to see will influence the bird watching tour itinerary to be agreed. Alternatively, and particularly if this is your first visit to Gambia for bird watching, you may prefer a general tour of the main inland birding sites which I can recommend to you. All options are possible including extending your bird watching tour into some of the excellent opportunities to be found in neighbouring Senegal.

    Inland & Upriver Bird Watching Tour Sample Prices :

    • A 2 day tour overnight at Tendaba camp, £200 per person
    • Four nights (5 days) further up river £350 per person.
    • One week bird watching tour of Gambia and northern Senegal £600 per person.
    • One week birding tour of Gambia and Niokolo Kaba or Djoudi NP £750 per person.

    Sample Itineraries for Bird Watching in Gambia

    For further information on the bird watching tours in Gambia that I can provide please contact me.