Birding Gambia Locations

Birding Gambia and Senegal Locations

Depending on where you are staying the garden of your hotel might be a good place to start your Gambia birding experience. Some of the more extensive hotel gardens boast a species list of over 200. Always have your binoculars with you!

A guided walk from your hotel for a few hours in the early morning or late afternoon can bring rich rewards……birds you might easily have missed on your own.

A half or full day excursion can take you to some of the best Gambia birding locations where you are likely to run out of time before you run out of new species to see.

Pied Kingfisher seen Birding Gambia

Gambia Birding Locations in Detail

Here are some Gambia birding locations that we go to on tours, although we do keep some of our Gambia Birding locations secret!



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