Coastal Birdwatching Areas

Areas for Birdwatching Close to Coastal  Hotels


Blue Breasted Kingfisher In GambiaAbuko Nature Reserve

This forest reserve was the first area in the Gambia to be protected for wildlife conservation. It is highly valued for its biodiversity and includes gallery forest and Guinnea Savannah. Giant and Pygmy Kingfishers, Green and Violet Turacos, Paradise Flycatchers and White-crested Helmet Shrike are some of the many birds that can be seen here. In addition you might see the Red Colobus Monkeys.


Tanji Bird Reserve

Another protected area close to the Kotu Bridge and with a range of coastal habitats including scrub, mangrove swamp and tidal lagoons. Waders such as Black-tailed and Bar-tailed Godwits may be found, several different gulls not to mention migrating warblers at certain times of year. Tanji Bird Reserve


Two Verreauxs Eagle Owls in a TreeBrufut Woods

This is a great place for owls where Verraux’s Eagle Owl and White-faced Scops Owl can be seen. Other species include Greater Honey Guide, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Violet Barbet and Cardinal Woodpecker. Brufut Woods

Lamin Lodge / Denton Bridge

Using dugout canoes or larger boats (depending on the size of the group) we can slip into the quiet creeks, including the Lamin Lodge Area where you can find Spoonbills, Malachite and Giant Kingfishers, Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters and many other water birds.

Other Gambia Birding Locations