Pirang Shrimp Farm

African Spoonbill in Gambian Grassland HabitatPirang Shrimp Farm

This area includes mangroves, rice fields, oil palms and open areas with scattered trees. Black-crowned Cranes, Quail-finch and a huge variety of waders can be found here.


Faraba-Banta Bush Track

Located close to the Finto Manereg Park, this sandy track runs through fairly open areas, making it a good place to see raptors such as Martial Eagle and perhaps Gabar Goshawk or Brown Snake Eagle.



Despite the restrictions imposed by the development of the airport this area remains of interest to birders, particularly outside Old Yumdum town. Here vegetable gardens, farmland and some open woodland provide habitat for three species of Cisticola, Yellow-fronted Tinker Bird, Red-shouldered Cuckoo Shrike and a good range of raptors to name but a few.


Other Gambia Birding Locations